Sedentary Disease Solutions


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Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Definitions: The Differences Between Sedentary, Light Intensity, And Moderate-To-Vigorous Activity 2
Sedentary 2
Moderate To Vigorous Physical Activity 3
Light Intensity Activity 3
The Risks Of Being Sedentary: What The Science Shows 5
The Statistics Are Shocking 5
How Being Sedentary Affects Your Metabolism 7
Sedentary And Cardiovascular Disease 9
Diabetes 13
Symptoms 16
Sedentary Disease And Obesity 21
Obesity Risk Factors For Other Conditions 22
Sedentary Disease And Osteoporosis 22
Weight-Bearing Exercises Include 23
Strength-Training Exercises Include 24
Sedentary Disease And Mental Health Problems 24
Sedentary Disease And Sleep Problems 25
Sedentary Disease And Falls 27
Don't Let Sedentary Disease Happen to You 29
Ways To Get Moving 29
Light Activity 29
Moderate Activity 30
Vigorous Activity 30
Living An Active Lifestyle And Moving Your Body Is One Of The Best Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy 31
Stay Motivated 34
Lack of Time 34
Social Support 34
Lack Of Energy 34
Fear Of Injury 35
Lack Of Skill Or Endurance 35
A Leading Cause of Death and Disability: Don’t Let This Happen To You 36
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