Our Valued Collaborations

At Highly Mobile™, we cherish our partnerships as we help drive their success. Our collaborative efforts clients enable us to achieve remarkable outcomes. Here are some of the organizations we are currently engaged with.


Ibex Biosciences leads with a new standard of care with their potential cures for malaria and colon cancer. They're dedicated to innovative health solutions through diverse projects in therapeutic antibodies, gene therapies, and regenerative medicine.


Pumper Car offers ride-on vehicles providing a unique blend of therapy and exercise. Trusted by thousands, their products cater to various age groups and offer a healthy, engaging experience. Discover an innovative way to exercise with their Interactive Personal Transportation™ vehicles.


BRADAM Energies revolutionizes waste into clean energy with their patented CER™ System. They address global issues by converting carbon-based waste into RNG and Green Hydrogen, paving the way for a cleaner, sustainable future while cleaning up our planet and our municipalities.


Chef Mark Reinfeld is an award-winning authority on organic plant-based cuisine. Offering culinary trainings globally, inspiring health and sustainability through his expertise in workshops and consulting services for individuals and top companies.

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GCH drives global well-being in schools by connecting 10,000 schools globally. With a focus on student-driven solutions and local content fostering global citizenship and community involvement for healthier, more connected societies.


Mobility for Kids provides fun exercise solutions for children with special needs and limited mobility. We fund research and education, donate therapy equipment, and support pediatric therapists nationwide. Join us in making a difference for children. Learn more and donate today.


PKT Patient Advocacy Foundation aims for accessible, patient-centered healthcare. Explore FAQs, advocacy services, and educational content for patients and healthcare pros. Join us in shaping a more human healthcare system for all.


AI for Good Foundation leverages technology and economic solutions for societal challenges. Explore their initiatives aiding war zones while fostering resilience. Join them in supporting sustainable development goals through AI and technology.

Virtual draft

At Virtual Draft, They are transforming fantasy sports through patented AI simulations, offering seamless gameplay around the clock. Their US patent secures a unique position in the $20 Billion market. Seeking visionary investors to join them in revolutionizing fantasy sports.